Various Aspects of Consciousness Continued: Part 2 from Administrator's blog

Commentary on Michael Cecil’s “Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness” (by Tony Bermanseder): Abstract: Cecil's attempt to delve deeper and to question the validity of this orthodox reductionistic approach to gain a better understanding of what this consciousness is thoroughly justified and is to be applauded. Cecil has indeed found the 'Rosetta Stone' of Quantum Physics in his valiant approach to couple the material reductionism of the orthodoxy with the 'perennial philosophy' or the 'wisdom of the ancients.' However, Cecil has failed to discern the greater picture in his self-relative decoding of the messages, found in the 'Rosetta Stones of the Quantum'. That is, Cecil has thrown the baby out with the bathwater in his attacks on the human thinking process. There is no requirement whatsoever to 'destroy' the reductionism of science in rigorous mathematical and logical argument and deduction.

Commentary on Tony Bermanseder’s “Physical Consciousness in a Self-conscious Quantum Universe” (by Michael Cecil): Abstract: This is my brief Commentary on Mr. Bermenseder’s “Physical Consciousness in a Self-conscious Quantum Universe” in this issue of JCER. My point is that any attempt to explain human consciousness which focuses exclusively upon the scientific method for the understanding of consciousness—simply ignoring both the consciousness of the “self” and the origin of the consciousness of the “self” in the ‘movement’ of self-reflection—simply does not fulfill the requirements set out by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Commentary on David Sahner’s “Human Consciousness and Selfhood” (by Nils J. Nilsson): Abstract: This is my brief Commentary on David Sahner’s “Human Consciousness and Selfhood: Potential Underpinnings and Compatibility with Artificial Complex Systems” in recent issue of JCER. My main point is that if a rich sensorium and extensive experiences are required for consciousness, machines will have, at least, those necessary conditions no less than humans do.

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